Call of Duty: Mobile update brings new maps, game modes, Season 3 and more

Call of Duty: Mobile update brings new maps, game modes, Season 3 and more
  • Scrapyard and Cage maps will be added to the game this season.
  • The update also brings a Rapid Fire mode and 20 vs 20 Warfare mode.
  • The Season 3 Battle Pass will begin on January 19.
Activision has started rolling out a major update to Call of Duty: Mobile. In addition to kicking off Season 3 Battle Pass, the update also brings new maps, new game modes, weapons and challenges to the popular multiplayer game.

The main highlight of the update is the addition of the classic Scrapyard map. To speed up the pace of the game, two new modes, Rapid Fire and Warfare have been added to Multiplayer and Battle Royale respectively.

Link your account and get Outrider – Arctic skin

In addition to linking the game with Google Play and Apple’s Game Center accounts, a new login option has been added. The new Call of Duty account option allows users to register their email with Activision and use it to login. Users who link their accounts will get an Outrider – Arctic skin as a reward.

New maps

Call of Duty: Mobile gets two new maps with the new season update. Immediately with the update, the Scrapyard map will be available to all players and the cage map will be added later this season. While Cage is a brand-new map, Scrapyard is a recreation of the classic Modern Warfare 2 map.

Rapid Fire mode

The Rapid Fire mode is a fast paced action mode that brings unlimited ammo, faster score streaks and reduced operator skill cooldown.

20 vs 20 Warfare mode

This mode aims to bring fast paced action to battle royale. Two teams of 20 players each will be dropped on different sides of the maps and the first team to reach 150 kills will win the game. What’s interesting is that this mode will have infinite respawns and your loadout will be saved when you die. This means that you will respawn with the same equipment.

Season 3 Battle Pass

Activision has reduced the battle pass tiers from 100 to 50 for Season 3. However, this does not mean reduced loot as the same number of items will be available in 50 tiers. The price of the Battle Pass has also been reduced.

Ranked mode

The update also brings a brand-new season of Ranked mode. The interface for Ranked mode has also been improved, making it easier to view the ranked status on the main page. To stop players from quitting the game mid-way, the penalty for frequent quitting has been increased.

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