Data of 400 million users is reportedly on sale on the web

Dec 27, 2022

By: Sourabh Jain

Data of 400 million Twitter users may be breached

A malicious actor by the username “Ryushi” has claimed that he possesses data of over 400 million Twitter users.

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A now-fixed API vulnerability used

The hacker has reportedly used a now-fixed API vulnerability to hack the data. The same vulnerability was earlier used to access data of over 5.4 million Twitter users.

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Data of 400 million Twitter users on sale

Ryushi has posted on a hacking forum, offering to sell the data to Twitter or other people willing to pay.

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$200,000 for single buyer or $60,000 for multiple buyers

The hacker has offered to sell the data to a single buyer willing to shell out $200,000 or multiple buyers offering to pay $60,000 each.

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Hacker threatens GDPR fine

The hacker has threatened that if Twitter does not buy the data itself, it may have to pay a fine under EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) privacy laws.

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Hacker reveals data of celebrities

As a sample, the hacker has revealed some data of 37 celebrities such as Mark Cuban, Kevin O’Leary, Donald Trump JR and others.

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Data of 1,000 users revealed

As part of a larger sample, data of 1,000 users has been revealed by the hacker.

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Data includes phone number and email

The data leaked includes the user’s name, Twitter username, follower count, creation data, phone number and email address.

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Twitter has not responded to the hacker

The hacker has also revealed that he approached Twitter in an attempt to sell the data back, but the social media platform did not respond to the hacker.

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