From virtual dates to emotional availability — the dating trends that may emerge in 2022

Dec 22, 2021

By: Kritti Bhalla

Virtual dates may become the norm

More people will prefer having their first dates virtually before they meet in real life, a report by dating app Aisle has revealed.

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Emotional availability a turn-on

People will be more conscious than ever before choosing a partner — not only they would be cautious about people’s smoking or drinking habits, but a special attention would be paid to the partner’s emotional availability or commitment.

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There are keywords for bios too

Topics like practicing yoga, meditation, mental health, vulnerability and others will attract more matches if mentioned in bios, especially among Gen Z.

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Text – what’s that?

The report by Aisle revealed that people will become more accepting of new dating techniques and voice notes will be more common than text messages.

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Women will be more proactive

Both men and women will take proactive steps to find a partner, instead of men taking the first step.

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Metaverse is seeping in here too

Engagement on dating apps is expected to increase with the introduction of virtual dates in the metaverse, the report added.

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Metaverse will encourage spontaneous interaction

Metaverse will enable more spontaneous interactions as users can choose their preferred environment over messengers, send virtual gifts and buy accessories for their avatars.

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Long distance relationships became a trend in 2021

Long distance relationships became more common in 2021 as people were open to finding partners outside their cities.

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Aisle is a dating app founded in 2014 by Able Joseph. The company claims to have over 3.4 million users across 193 countries.

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