From privacy settings to educational tools, here are some new Facebook features you should know

From privacy settings to educational tools, here are some new Facebook features you should know
  • Meta introduces tools and features on the Facebook application and Messenger.
  • These features offer a safer and more user-friendly experience.
  • Read further to know more about the features.
Meta frequently updates its applications with new features and updates to enhance usability, privacy and security. In comparison to the early Facebook days the platform is nowhere close to how it used to be and that has made it very complex and there are so many additions that most of us have lost track. Despite that, Facebook is the second-most used global application based on total usage time.

Recently, Meta introduced several features, updated privacy settings, and added tools to the Facebook application and messenger. These updates are designed to cater to parents, to offer a secure messaging experience with end-to-end encryption, and make Facebook a safe place for teens to explore.

Meta, in its blog posts, announced features for the Facebook application and messenger that you must know.

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End-to-end encryption for chats
This feature exists in the messenger application, but Meta announced that it is testing end-to-end encryption as default to ensure more private conversations. Users will be notified when default end-to-end encryption is enabled in their chats.

Chat features
Mark Zuckerberg announced features like chat themes, custom chat emojis and reactions, group profile photos, link previews, active status and bubbles on Android. These features offer a newway to interact with your friends and let you personalize your chats and responses.


Account Center
This feature allows users to centralize their application settings. Users can access this feature in the settings menu of Facebook, Instagram, and Meta accounts. This feature will help people adjust and manage settings easily.

Meta introduced their third iteration of the privacy progress update that talks about the technical and operational improvements.
Building educational tools
Meta introduced a privacy center which is available on Facebook. Recently, two new modules were added to the privacy center to enhance the privacy of teens and safety for people.
These features allow users to learn about the special protections offered to young people and how people can protect themselves and their information.

Privacy Checkup
Facebook users will get notified to get a privacy checkup that allows them to review their essential privacy settings.

Teen privacy
In November, Facebook introduced several features to offer an extra layer to protect teens online. Users under 16 years of age(18 years in some countries) will have defaulted private settings.
From February, advertisers will no longer be able to target teens based on their interests and activities. Facebook will use age and location as the key factors that will be used for teens to show them ads. Also, a new privacy page with tools and information for teens’ privacy has been added.

Age-appropriate ad experience for teens
From March, teens will be given a more controlled way to manage which type of ads they want to see and which to hide. Teens can edit their ad preferences from the settings.
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