From longer tweets to proper verification of users, here are some of the Twitter features we want Elon Musk to introduce

From longer tweets to proper verification of users, here are some of the Twitter features we want Elon Musk to introduce
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  • Elon Musk has completed the $44 billion acquisition of social media platform Twitter.
  • The Tesla cofounder is expected to make several changes to the platform.
  • Here are some features we want Musk to add to Twitter.
Elon Musk has finally completed the $44 billion purchase of social media platform Twitter, months after making an offer in April this year. Now that the Tesla cofounder owns the platform, he is expected to make several changes.

Elon Musk has already started making changes to Twitter. According to a report, Musk wants users to pay $19.99 per month to retain their verification badge.

Users have been requesting Musk to implement several features to improve Twitter. In this post, we look at some of the most requested features.

Longer tweets

When Twitter was launched, the platform allowed users to post with up to 140 characters in a single tweet. While this was doubled to 280 characters in 2017, users want the platform to allow longer tweets.

A Twitter user, Daniel Ku asked Musk if it was possible to either remove the character limit or “greatly expand” it. Musk agreed with the user and replied, “Absolutely.”

The ability to tweet will make it easier for users to share their thoughts without worrying about the character limit. We hope Musk considers it.

Longer videos

Just like tweets, users have been requesting Twitter to allow them to share longer videos. This will make it easier for content creators to share them on the platform.

In reply to a user requesting Musk to allow users to post longer videos, Musk used the “100” emoji. We hope this means that the feature is on the billionaire’s list.

Remove bots

The presence of bots and fake accounts on Twitter was one of the reasons Musk had cited for putting the $44 billion Twitter deal on hold. Now that Musk has acquired Twitter, we hope he puts an end to the menace of bots on the platform and offers more clarity about the number of bots on the platform.

User verification

Twitter is plagued with fake profiles of people. We hope Musk introduces a verification process along the lines of the blue tick, allowing willing users to verify their accounts without having to pay anything.

Edit button for all

Earlier this year, Twitter started testing the edit button, and in September, the social media platform announced that it is rolling out the feature for Twitter Blue users. We hope Musk rolls out the feature for all users, allowing them to edit their tweets for a fixed period after the tweet is posted.


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