Here’s how to use WhatsApp’s self destructing messages and dark mode

Here’s how to use WhatsApp’s self destructing messages and dark mode
WhatsApp beta is currently testing dark mode and self destructing messagesUnsplash

  • Self destructing messages and dark mode are two of the biggest features currently being tested in WhatsApp beta.
  • WhatsApp’s dark mode will give the app a ‘blue night’ background.
  • Self destructing messages are only restricted to group chats.
WhatsApp is working on two new features it plans to launch for regular users in its upcoming updates — dark mode and self destructing messages.

Both of these features can be found on other numerous smartphone apps.

Self-destructing messages is the secret to SnapChat’s success when the messaging first launched. Since then, other messaging platforms like Telegram, DONTALK and SpeakOn have adopted it.

Dark Mode has also been around for a while. The feature has been available on Twitter and YouTube for months. Photo sharing app Instagram joined the bandwagon recently introduced dark mode for its user interface.

How to use self destructing messages on WhatsApp


Unlike Snapchat — where all messages disappear by default — WhatsApp’s self destructing messages will only be available in group chats, according to WABetaInfo.

Within the group chat, it will be applicable to every message. You can choose between a message disappearing within 5 seconds or disappearing after an hour. But, those are the only two options with no time frame that falls in between.

The feature is distinctly different from ‘delete for everyone’, which leaves a notification saying ‘this message was deleted’. With self destructing messages there will be no trace of the message ever being sent.

How to use Dark Mode on WhatsApp

Switching over the Dark Mode on WhatsApp is as simple tweak of the app’s display settings. When you enter the settings menu, which can be accessed by tapping menu tab on the top-right corner, a new option will show up labeled ‘theme’.

When you select the theme, WhatsApp will give you the option to choose between ‘system default’, ‘light’ and ‘dark’ mode for the app.

The dark mode will then give WhatsApp a ‘blue night’ coloured background.

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