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Google is testing ‘Task Mate’ in India, which lets users earn money for doing tasks on their smartphones

Dec 10, 2020, 00:39 IST
Business Insider India
Google spotted beta-testing its Task Mate app in IndiaReddit
  • Google is testing its ‘Task Mate’ feature in India.
  • It allows users to fulfil tasks laid out by Google or any of its affiliate businesses and earn money in return.
  • Access to Task Mate is currently restricted since the app is in beta mode. Only users with a referral code can login right now.

In a fresh move for Indian users, Google is testing its ‘Task Mate’ service in India. It allows users to complete tasks on a smartphone and get paid for it. The Silicon Valley giant is probably hoping to gain some goodwill in the current climate of rising unemployment as a fall out of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Task Mate is not unlike the company’s Opinion Rewards app that allows users to answer questions and earn Play Store credits in return, except for one key difference.

Instead of the earnings being restricted to Google’s app store, Task Mate will let users cash out their payments so that they can spend in the real world.

First spotted by 9to5Google, a post on Reddit shows that access to Task Mate is currently restricted to early access. Only individuals with an early access referral code can download the app.

How do you earn money on Google’s Task Mate?
The overall framework is pretty straightforward. Users can search for ‘tasks nearby’ and then choose which one they would like to complete.

The tasks themselves can either be something from one of Google's businesses around the world, or from Google itself.

A business task can either be a ‘sitting task’ or a ‘field task’. For the latter, users may be required to walk to some of their nearest landmarks or shops.

Task Mate appReddit

Google’s requests are generally based on its own services. Examples include ‘record spoke sentences’, ‘check shop details’ or ‘go to location shown on pin and take photo of shopfront’.
As of now, there’s no time limit for how long users can take to complete a task.

Once a task is completed, users can cash out by registering their e-wallet or payment partner and transferring the funds into their bank account.

Google Task MateReddit

Google Task Mate for India
It is currently unclear how businesses are outlining their requirements to Google. It's also unclear whether this is just a crowdsourcing mission or businesses are paying the tech giant.

The other aspect that needs to be addressed is the current screenshots show earnings in dollars. It is unclear whether that will be changed to reflect in rupees for the Indian audience once Google’s Task Mate is officially launched in the region.

One could critique that this is just one more way for Google to gather information. However, Google is already doing that — regardless of Task Mate. At least this way, there’s a chance that you can get paid for it.

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