How to use Google Lens to boost productivity on Android phones

Oct 26, 2021

By: Shadab Rabbani

Copy physical text to clipboard

Using Google Lens, you can capture text from physical documents like - books and newspapers, and copy them onto the clipboard of their Android devices.

Credit: Google

Transfer physical text on computer

You can capture the text from any physical documents and transfer them to their computer by selecting the "Copy to computer" option.

Credit: Google

Hear the text

You can hear any text that you capture by selecting the “Listen” option.

Credit: Google

Interactive text from images

If you find some text in an image and want to use it, you can take a screenshot and open it in Google Lens to copy the text or send it on your computer.

Credit: Google


You can use any text in a physical document and look up for it and related results online by using the “Search” option.

Credit: Google

Save contact from Business card

You can point the Lens to a business card, and it will allow you to save the contact details, including name, number.

Credit: Google

Email, call or visit website

If you have a business card or any letterhead containing an email address, phone number, or website, you can email, call, text or visit the website directly from the Lens app.

Credit: Google

Translate text from physical document

You can capture any text from a physical document and translate it into any language that Google recognises directly from the Lens app.

Credit: Google

Scan Codes

You can use the Lens to scan barcodes and QR codes to open websites or perform whatever function that is encoded.

Credit: Google

Using lens on various apps

You can access the Google Lens from Google's Image Search, Photos and your phone’s camera and perform all the functions it has to offer.

Credit: Google

Open Lens app with your voice

You just have to say “Hey, Google: Open Google Lens” to open the Lens application without using your fingers.

Credit: Google

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