JioMeet App – How we can download and start video conferencing in JioMeet

JioMeet App – How we can download and start video conferencing in JioMeet
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  • JioMeet is going viral among users as one of the most preferred conference platforms for office video calls and online classes.

  • You can use JioMeet either as a standalone app or run it on popular browsers like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

  • JioMeet can support about 100 users added to a conference at a time.
Reliance Jio has taken the video conferencing arena into strides by releasing JioMeet in the beginning of July 2020. The newly launched teleconferencing app is the fitting answer that Mukesh Ambani’s telecom company is providing its counterparts Zoom and Google Meet.

Jio seems to have invested in this app during the right time while the lockdown is extending indefinitely and remote working is becoming the order and vogue of the day. The free to use conference app can support about 100 participants. Corporates, organizations and schools are now fast lined up to sign up for this app to run their meetings and classes on JioMeet.

How to download JioMeet app?

To run JioMeet on a mobile device, visit Play Store or AppStore and input the search term JioMeet and download it.

To run the teleconferencing app on your desktop, visit where you can download the app.


How to sign in with your company domain option?

Open JioMeet app or visit

Navigate to “Sign In” page

Select “Company Domain” option

Input your Domain ID or complete email address.

If you do not have your company domain ID, click on the item, “I don’t know my company domain” and then input your complete email address.

Click on “Continue”

How to join a JioMeeting?

Click on “Join” and then input the Meeting ID or link to join the meeting.

Show to start an Ad-hoc meeting?

Log in to JioMeet app inputting your credentials and follow the steps given hereunder.

If you wish to initiate a point to point call, navigate to ‘contacts’ tab

You will see the list of registered JioMeet users along with their availability status. Click on the available users and then tap on the JioMeet icon

How to join a meeting as a guest user?

As a guest user, you can join a JioMeeting inputting the meeting ID. To do this, tap on ‘Join’ option and then input the Meeting ID. Enter your name and click on ‘Join Meeting’. If there is a password applicable, you must enter it to join the meeting.

How to switch between normal view and full screen view?

On JioMeet, you can make a video feed or shared screen of a participant into a full screen. To maximize the screen, double click on the item. Double tapping on the given item will once again set it to normal view.

How to schedule a meeting?

To schedule a meeting, go to Home Page or Dash Board and click on Schedule. Input the details and then schedule the meeting.

How to place a video call?

Navigate to the ‘contacts’ page

Click on the contact name you prefer

Click on the Meet icon to initiate a video call

How to receive a video call?

When someone makes a video call to you, you will find an incoming JioMeet call screen. On this screen, tap on the green phone button for accepting the call. To decline the call, tap on the red phone button.

How to create a Group in JioMeet?

Navigate to Contacts Tab

Click on the “+” icon

Click on “Create a Group”

Input the Group’s name

Add the invitees and then click on ‘Create Group’.

You must know that only registered users can be included in the group. The creator of the given group can only delete it. Also, only the creator of the group can add or remove the participants from the group.

How to make a group video call?

About 100 participants can join a video call by using JioMeet Beta.

To initiate a group video call, navigate to Contacts page and then click on Groups. Select the Group t0o which you wish to make the video call.

Tap on the ‘Meet’ button.

How to start a scheduled meeting as a host?

To start a meeting that you have already scheduled, navigate to the Meetings tab and then go to Upcoming Meetings. Click on the Start option. Alternatively, you can also click on the meeting invitation link that you have received on your email address.

How to join a meeting as a participant?

If you have received the invitation to participate in a scheduled meeting, you have two options to join the meeting.

Option-1: click on the meeting link you have received on your email address. In this case, you will have to input the password if the host has set one.

Option-2: You can also use the JioMeet desktop or mobile app or WebRTC to join the meeting.

How to join a meeting using the meeting link?

Enter the meeting link you have received in the web browser. This will lead you to the meeting. Once the joining page appears, you will be asked to input your name and password to join the meeting.

What controls do you have as the host of the meeting?

The host of the meeting will have group host controls and individual host controls. As part of group host controls, you can control the microphones of all the in-call participants who are active. As part of individual host controls, you can control the microphone and camera of the participants. You can also rename, make a host or remove any active in-call participant. You can also ask to start video.

If you wish to mute or unmute all the participants, you can tap on Participants and then select mute or unmute as required. If a participant joins the call after the host has muted all the participants, he or she will be muted by default.

What is the difference between ‘Leave Meeting’ and ‘End Meeting’?

When you select the option ‘Leave Meeting, the host or participants can leave the meeting anytime they want while the other participants will continue to stay with the meeting. If you select the End Meeting option, the meeting ends for all the participants at once.

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