Instagram rolls out a new logo, typography and more in visual refresh

Instagram rolls out a new logo, typography and more in visual refresh
  • Instagram rolls out a new typeface, that took inspiration from multiple global scripts.
  • The new typeface is called ‘Instagram Sans’.
  • According to the company, new design puts content at the centre, with a focus on self-expression.
In a bid to give a visual refresh to its app, the Meta-owned photo-sharing platform Instagram has announced that it is introducing a brighter icon along its own typography.

The company said that its new design system puts content at the centre, with a focus on simplicity and self-expression.

"We are bringing new energy and purpose to our colours, typeface, logo and other brand elements with a refreshed visual identity. Our new system is designed to embrace continued evolution to help us create more immersive and inclusive experiences for our community," Instagram said in a statement.

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The platform mentioned that its new typeface, Instagram Sans, is designed with heritage in mind and includes multiple global scripts.

"Our vibrant gradient was reimagined using an innovative 3D modelling process to make it feel illuminated and alive. The Instagram gradient, made up of our brand colours, is the foundation of our complete color system.


"Through illumination, the gradient signals moments of discovery in our marketing, logo and even in-app as seen in Create mode, stickers and Instagram Story rings. We are excited to bring life to the Instagram experience through the energy of our reimagined gradient," it added.

Instagram Sans is new way for the company's global community to express themselves on Instagram in places like Stories and Reels.

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