PUBG Mobile’s latest update has RPG rocket launcher, a 'Domination' mode and much more

PUBG Mobile
  • PUBG Mobile has started rolling out the 0.16.5 update for Android and iOS users.
  • The update brings a new Domination mode and the Royale Pass Season 11.
PUBG Mobile has started rolling out the 0.16.5 update today. It brings the Royale Pass Season 11 dubbed as Operation Tomorrow and a new Domination mode that is similar to the Domination mode in Call of Duty: Mobile.

Like every major update, the 0.16.5 update brings several new weapon skins, new-year themed items and rewards. The update size is 0.14 GB for Android and 0.17 GB for iOS and should be available for all users by the end of the day.

Users who update the game between January 9 and January 15 will get 20 silver, 2,000 BP and blue glider trail.


PUBG Mobile 0.16.5: What’s new?

The highlight of the update is the Domination mode with the Town map. In this mode, the user has the option to capture three bases – A, B and C. The team that is able to capture two bases wins the game. The Domination mode also brings Super Weapons Crates which give players powerful weapons like RPG rocket launchers, missile, grenade launcher and more.

It also comes with a new vehicle called Light Snowmobile to the classic mode. It is a 2-seater vehicle and is limited to the Vikendi map. While it is faster than the regular Snowmobile, it is not as strong and can be easily damaged.

The Royale Pass Season 11, dubbed Operation Tomorrow brings new missions and rewards to the game. The rewards include futuristic outfits to match the theme of the new season.

To help players practice, PUBG Mobile has once again added the warehouse map for arena training. The only weapon balancing change is that the Groza’s damage has been reduced from 48 to 45 in Team Arena.

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