PUBG: New State with ‘PC-like’ gameplay will officially launch on November 11

PUBG: New State with ‘PC-like’ gameplay will officially launch on November 11
PUBG: New State will be launched in over 200 countries.Krafton
  • PUBG: New State to launch globally on November 11.
  • Pre-register now on Android and iOS to get exclusive benefits, including a vehicle skin.
  • The company has claimed that the game will offer
After launching Battlegrounds Mobile India, Krafton is all set to launch PUBG: New State, the company’s latest battle royale game in over 200 countries, including India. The company has now announced that the game will launch worldwide on November 11.

The game is currently up for pre-registrations and is undergoing testing. There will be a final technical test on October 29 and October 30 and will involve players from 28 countries.

How to pre-register for PUBG: New State

The pre-registrations for PUBG: New State are live for both Android and iOS users.

Android and iOS users can pre-register for the game from the Play Store and App Store.


Users who pre-register for the game will win exclusive benefits, including a free limited-edition vehicle skin.

The company has said that over 50 million players have already registered for the game.

What is PUBG: New State?

PUBG: New State is a futuristic battle royale game that is set in 2051 and is claimed to offer a similar gaming experience that PUBG: Battlegrounds offers on PC and consoles. The company has highlighted that the gunplay and game mechanics will be on par with the PC version.

Initially, the game will have four maps, including the future-set map Troi and the fan-favorite Erangel. The game graphics are claimed to be better than all the previous mobile games, thanks to new ”state-of-the-art” rendering technology which will bring features like global illumination, auto-exposure and auto instancing.

Ahead of the launch, Krafton has also highlighted its anti-cheat measures. The company will ban the use of emulators, keyboard and mouse, offering a level-playing field to all gamers.

Who can run the game?

As per Krafton, PUBG: New State will be available for Android users with 2GB RAM or more running on Android 6.0 and above. Coming to iOS, iPhone 6S and above devices running on iOS 13 and above will be able to run the game.


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