These three apps are collecting your sensitive information — uninstall them now

These three apps are collecting your sensitive information — uninstall them now
  • Google has banned three applications from its Play Store.
  • These applications were collecting sensitive information of its users.
  • If you have these applications, delete them right away.
In a bid to protect Android users from falling victim to scamsters and data theft, Google recently banned around 150 applications from its Play Store. Now, the company has banned three more applications that were stealing sensitive information from its users.

These three applications were detected by Kaspersky for using suspicious techniques to con its users. These applications used the “Login with Facebook” button to steal login credentials and access personal information.

Many users, for the ease of signing up to new applications, use the Facebook login option. The creators of these malicious apps tapped on unsuspecting users to steal sign-in data.

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Even though Google has banned the apps from its Play Store, users who have these installed may fall prey to its tricks. The best technique to protect yourself is to uninstall them from your device. Here’s all the information you should know about these apps.

Uninstall these banned apps


If you have any of these three applications installed on your Android phone, delete them right away.
  • Magic Photo Lab - Photo Editor.
  • Blender Photo Editor-Easy Photo Background Editor.
  • Pix Photo Motion Edit 2021.
After uninstalling the application, update your Facebook login information to prevent any unwanted activities from taking place using your sensitive information.

Here’s how you can protect yourself from malicious apps in the future.

Before you install any applications, read about the app and see user ratings and comments. If you find anything suspicious, do not install it.

Scamsters create malicious apps having names similar to the popular Android apps but with a different spelling. Checking the spelling of the apps before downloading is a good practice to find out whether an application is genuine or not.

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