Twitter is testing new prompts to help you avoid getting into a fight on the platform

Twitter is testing new prompts to help you avoid getting into a fight on the platform
Take a pause before you tweetUnsplash
  • Twitter has started testing two new prompts to help reduce the social media fights that people get into.
  • These prompts are aimed at users responding to tweets that might lead to an incensed debate or a brawl.
  • Earlier, Twitter had also tested prompts to check offensive tweets.
Twitter is testing a new pre-tweet prompt on Android and iOS versions of its apps to help people rethink if they want to enter into a potentially intense conversation or fight on the social media service.

Twitter can be a great place to get the latest news and follow lively debates, but fights and intense debates are also just a tweet away. This can become problematic for some people, especially when it involves burning topics since all it takes is a heated tweet for the conversation to spiral downwards.

The first prompt says “conversations like this can be intense”, while the other says “let’s look out for each other”. While this might not be much, the hope is that the users seeing these prompts will pause for a while and reflect on whether they really should respond to the tweet.


This is not the first time that Twitter has used prompts to tone down the harassment on its platform. Earlier, the social media service had come out with a feature to ask users to review their tweets before posting them if they contained “harmful or offensive content”.

According to Twitter, in a test, 34% of the users involved went back to check their reply or did not reply at all.

Additionally, in an attempt to control the spread of misinformation, Twitter had also started prompting users to read articles before retweeting them. The additional step required should help Twitter tone down some of these glaring problems that its platform currently faces, but the growing list of prompts also underlines the fact that these issues are becoming a significant problem for user experience on the service.

Again, the best way to avoid these issues is to not tweet at all if you are unsure about something.


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