WhatsApp scammers are now stealing verification codes by posing as ‘WhatsApp technical team’

WhatsApp scammers are now stealing verification codes by posing as ‘WhatsApp technical team’
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  • In a new WhatsApp scam, people pretending to be from ‘WhatsApp technical team’ are messaging users.
  • The user is asked to share a verification code that is sent to them via a message.
  • WhatsApp does not message users to ask for any data or verification code.
A new WhatsApp scam has surfaced wherein the scamsters are pretending to be a part of the ‘WhatsApp technical team’ and messaging them on the app, asking users to share their verification code with them.

The scam was spotted by WABetaInfo after a Twitter user Dario Navarro shared the screenshot of a message received by him. The user that sent the message has the WhatsApp logo as the profile picture and the message was sent in Spanish.

Message asks users to provide verification code

The message mentions that someone has started a session with the user’s WhatsApp number and that ‘WhatsApp’ has not been able to determine if the session is legitimate. Further, it adds that WhatsApp has sent the user a verification code via a SMS.

It asks the user to share the 6-digit verification code with the technical team to verify the account. After receiving the message, Navarro took to Twitter to ask others if the message was legitimate. “Hey, help me. What is this? It is real?” posted Navarro.


The code would actually allow the scammer to access the user’s account and the user would get logged out from their account. However, they will not be able to access the user’s messages.

WhatsApp does not ask you for any personal information

It is to be noted that WhatsApp does not message you to ask about any personal information, including verification codes. If WhatsApp ever messages you for official announcements, it’s account will have a green tick beside the name to show that it is a verified account.

If you receive a message from anyone claiming to be from WhatsApp, report such accounts and do not reply to them.


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