WhatsApp users can now join missed or ongoing group calls midway

WhatsApp users can now join missed or ongoing group calls midway
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  • WhatsApp joinable calls feature is rolling out to all users.
  • This feature will let users join a group call even after it’s started.
  • WhatsApp has also changed the call info screen.
WhatsApp has started rolling out a new feature that will make it easier for users to join group video calls. The feature is similar to Discord calls wherein users can leave and join ongoing calls anytime. WhatsApp has also redesigned the call screen to show the list of participants in the ongoing call along with more features.

WhatsApp users will be able to join a group call even after it’s started. Previously, if one participant leaves or gets disconnected from the group call, they had to be added again. With the new feature, it will let users get back to a group call as long as it’s still on. WhatsApp will display the ongoing group calls on top of the calls tab. It will also indicate if it's a video or voice call. Users can simply tap on the group call to join. WhatsApp will also let users join the group call if they’ve missed it, and one can always drop off and rejoin the call as well.

The new feature will make WhatsApp group calls more convenient as users often face issues such as call drops, and users don’t have to go through the process of adding a participant again to the call. This joinable calls feature is used by other apps such as Discord, Instagram, and it’s also similar to how Google Meet, Microsoft Teams calls work.

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WhatsApp has also changed the call info screen for group calls. There will be two options to either ‘ignore’ or ‘open’ the group call. Tapping on the option ‘open’ will expand the call screen showing the camera, and list of participants in the call who have joined or are yet to join. This call info screen is displayed during the ongoing call as well.


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