YouTube contributed nearly a billion dollars to India’s GDP in 2020, finds an independent study

Mar 3, 2022

By: Kritti Bhalla

YouTube’s contribution to India’s GDP

YouTube contributed ₹6,800 crore (nearly $900 million at current currency conversion rate) to India's gross domestic product (GDP) in 2020, a report by independent consulting firm Oxford Economics has revealed.

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It created multiple jobs in 2020

The YouTube creative ecosystem also created over 6.84 lakh “full-time equivalent jobs” in 2020, the report has revealed. The report by Oxford Economics looks into YouTube’s economic, societal and cultural impact in India.

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And the income is constantly rising

There has been a 60 percent year-on-year (YoY) increase in the number of YouTube channels making six figures or more in revenue, the report noted.

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YouTube ads had a role to play too

Seven in ten YouTube creators have agreed that the ads placed on their content is an important source of income for them.

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Others ways YouTube thinks it can help

YouTube also claims that having a presence on the platform can help creators get a global fan base, push boundaries and explore multiple revenue streams through brand partnerships, live performance and more.

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Even small businesses are benefiting from it

Nine in ten small and medium businesses (SMB) with a YouTube channel agreed that YouTube helps them reach new audiences across the world, the report by Oxford Economics has noted.

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Making an impact on professional goals

Eight in ten creative entrepreneurs from India said that the platform has had a positive impact on their professional goals, the report noted.

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More Indian creators are finding opportunities on YouTube

With the number of channels in India with over 100,000 subscribers now at 40,000, marking a growth of over 45 percent, year-on-year, YouTube has revealed.

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Building a soft power

“It is heartening to see the real impact and influence YouTube's creative economy has unlocked in India. The creator economy in the country has the potential to emerge as a soft-power impacting economic growth, job creation, and even cultural influence,” Ajay Vidyasagar, regional director of Asia-Pacific (APAC), YouTube Partnerships, has said.

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