Google starts starts testing new safety section for apps, feature to go live in February 2022

Google starts starts testing new safety section for apps, feature to go live in February 2022
Google Play Store will launch the data safety feature in February 2022.Unsplash
  • Google will start showing app’s data privacy information in the Play Store from February 2022.
  • Developers can now submit these details about their apps for review.
  • Google will display information like the data that the app collects, whether the data is required to use the app and whether the data is encrypted.
Google has started letting developers fill out details for the new data privacy section in the Play Store. Similar to Apple’s privacy labels in the App Store, Google will start showing details about apps in the Play Store. Google plans to launch this feature in February 2022.

Developers can find the ‘Data safety form’ under ‘App Content’ in the Google Play Console. The idea behind this new practice is to monitor the information that apps collect or share, and also to identify the safety details that are in place. The safety details will highlight if the app’s data is encrypted in transit, if the app follows Google Play’s families policy, and if it has been independently reviewed for “conformance with a global security standard”.

Google starts starts testing new safety section for apps, feature to go live in February 2022
App details that will be displayed in the Play Store.Google

Users will be able to see these details under the ‘Data safety’ section of apps. At a glance, these details will be summarised and users can tap on it to know more. Here, users will find information about the apps such as the type of data that is collected and shared.
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This includes data like location, contacts, personal information, financial information and more. Developers also have to explain how the data is used for app functionality, personalisation and more. It will also include information on whether data collection is optional or required to use the app.

Google is giving developers time until April next year to finish submitting the relevant information and also receive approval for the same. Apps that are updated will start showing the data and privacy details from February onwards. As for those developers that fail to do so, Google may reject new app submissions and app updates as well.


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