New YouTube video player, all interactive controls on full screen and more — here’s what’s new

New YouTube video player, all interactive controls on full screen and more — here’s what’s new

  • New features include Most Replayed, Video Chapters, Single Loop and more.
  • Features are available across all platforms- desktop, iOS and Android.
  • Upcoming experimental features will be available first to Premium subscribers through
YouTube announced some updates to its video player to help users to find the most popular parts of the video along with a chart feature that will help users to locate and view the most-watched parts of a video, effective for long videos.

Simply put, most replayed parts of the video will consist graph at the bottom of the player. If the graph is high, it implies that a particular video part has been replayed often. A graph can be used to find and watch those moments without scrolling through the whole video.

These features were available to YouTube Premium as beta but now are available to all YouTube users- desktop, iOS, and Android platforms.
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Other handful updates to YouTube’s player
Along with these updates, YouTube rolled out support for video chapters for more platforms. The feature was earlier released for Youtube app and laptops, then in 2020 for smart TVs and gaming consoles. It allows users to jump to a specific video section or easily rewatch that section.


YouTube also added Single Loop to its player. It allows users to put a single video on an endless loop. To use this feature, the user has to select the option from the same menu where the video quality setting is available and turn on subtitles and more.

The company also highlighted the new fullscreen landscape mode. Now watching a video in fullscreen landscape mode also gives an on screen quick access to like, dislike, comment, share or add a video to a playlist.

In addition, YouTube also teased a new feature, that will allow users to search for the exact moment in a video they want to watch. Like before, it will be first available to Premium subscribers through the website.

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