Why Samsung Fold tablet is the best investment?

Samsung, a South Korean multinational conglomerate, designed a revolutionary tablet and a powerful smartphone, Samsung Galaxy Fold.

Let’s see what new features this product carries.

  • Display: When folded, the Fold has a display of 4.6 inches, and when opened, you get a massive screen of 7.3 inches, transforming the phone into a tablet.
  • Hinge system: One of the challenges faced was building the backbone of the device that can withstand several folds and unfolds. A sophisticated hinge system came to the rescue. The hinges are hidden that makes the phone look seamless and elegant.
  • Multi-functionality: Another striking feature the phone has is three app multitasking. Browsing a website, watching youtube, and messaging can be done simultaneously with this feature. Not one feature will interfere with the working of any other feature as each screen works perfectly on its own, but when folded, it functions as a unified device. All this is made possible by an app which allows easy switching between screens without missing anything. If you happen to see any interesting feed on your front display, just open and enjoy the same feed on the full display. When folded, it fits in your palm.
  • Color shades: The new phone is introduced in four different color shades; cosmos black, space silver, martian green, and astro blue. Not just that, you can get personalized hinge color as well. How cool!
  • Sound and visuals: The feature of immersive visuals and sound by AKG gives you a remarkable experience of watching a live movie on your phone. The screen is so large, making your movie watching experience memorable.
  • Memory: The new Samsung Fold holds 12 gigabytes RAM making it the most powerful phone in the market. It possesses 512 GB of onboard memory and also universal flash storage 3.0. This spectacular feature enables you to read data much faster than any other phones.
  • Camera: The camera, flexible as that of the device, is a system of 6 cameras; 3 on the rear, 2 inside, and 1 in the front. The folds are designed in such a way that they will not interfere with the functioning of the camera.
  • Other features: The phone has combined the energy of both power sources into one, i.e. 4,380 mAh. The Fold comes in both LTE and 5G version.
Are you still stuck on the thought as to whether it is wise to spend on this phone. Don’t you worry, it is always better to invest on a good technology like this. Carrying a smartphone with all the features of a laptop and camera is far better than carrying all these gadgets separately. With all the exciting features, the new Samsung Fold is sure to attract a large number of customers.