Apple Watch Ultra 2 to launch on September 12 – expectations, rumours and all you need to know

Apple Watch Ultra 2 to launch on September 12 – expectations, rumours and all you need to know
Apple Watch UltraApple
  • Cupertino tech giant Apple is scheduled to host its annual Wonderlust event on September 12.
  • The company is expected to launch the Watch Ultra 2 along with the iPhone 15 and the Watch Series 9.
  • Here’s everything we know so far about the Apple Watch Ultra 2.
Tech giant Apple is scheduled to host its Wonderlust event on September 12, where it is expected to launch the iPhone 15 series, the Watch Series 9 and the Watch Ultra 2. The company is also expected to announce new iOS 17 features at the event.

Apple enjoys over a third of the global watch market share, and for good reason. The company’s watches not only track activities and basic health metrics, they have helped save several lives. Additionally, while smartwatches from companies like Garmin can help you keep a track of your important health metrics, Apple’s watches have the added benefit of the company’s ecosystem.

Detecting falls to internal bleeding

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The Apple Watch’s features such as crash detection, fall detection and emergency SOS have helped save several lives. In an extremely fortunate incident, an Apple Watch 7 saved a person’s life by detecting fast heart rate, which ended up being due to severe internal bleeding. According to doctors, the person would have lost his life if he hadn’t reached a hospital on time.

In another instance, a man in Ontario fell from a ladder and stuck his head. His Apple Watch Series 8 detected the fall and informed his wife and emergency services. While he was unconscious, his wife was able to find him and take him to a hospital because of the notification.

Apple Watch Ultra 2 may not see a major upgrade


Apple launched the Watch Ultra in September 2022 as its most premium smartwatch. The smartwatch was aimed at enthusiasts and athletes looking for a rugged and heavy-duty option.

Unlike the usual smartwatches from Apple like the Watch Series 8, the Watch Ultra is made using aerospace titanium. It also features a bigger and brighter display and is equipped with the biggest ever battery on an Apple Watch.

Apple is now expected to launch the Watch Ultra 2 at its upcoming event. As it has been only a year since the launch of the first watch, we expect the watch to come with minor changes and do not expect there to be any major upgrade this year.

No major change in design

The Apple Watch Ultra 2 is expected to retain the same design as its predecessor, offering a flat display. The watch is expected to retain its aerospace titanium build, offering durability.

Bigger and better display

The Watch Ultra 2 will reportedly come with a microLED display which reportedly produces brighter colours and offers better viewing angles. Additionally, Apple is expected to increase the display size from the present 1.9-inch to 2.1-inch.

3D printing

Just like the Watch Series 9, some parts of the Watch Ultra 2 may be made using 3D printing. Apple is reportedly using 3D printing to create a chassis for the upcoming Apple smartwatches. This will reportedly reduce the material needed to create the chassis and reduce the time required to make a watch.

While it is too early to say, 3D printed parts may slightly bring down the overall weight of the Watch Ultra 2.

New band

While the Watch Ultra is aimed at offering a premium rugged alternative, the Watch Ultra 2 may come with a new oven fabric band with a magnetic buckle. The Watch Series 9 is also expected to be available with a similar band and an additional Pink colour option.

New processor

The Watch Series 9 is expected to be equipped with a new S9 chipset. The same will likely be used for the Watch 2 Ultra. The processor is expected to offer improved performance, reduce load times and improve efficiency.


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