Facebook’s first smart glasses are here — everything you need to know about Ray-Ban Stories

Sep 10, 2021

By: Marcia Sekhose

Facebook’s first smart glasses ‘Ray-Ban Stories’

Facebook in partnership with Ray-Ban launched its first smart glasses called ‘Ray-Ban Stories’. It starts at $299 and is available for purchase in select countries.

Credit: Facebook

What can it do

Facebook’s smart glasses let you capture photos and videos, listen to music or take phone calls.

Credit: Facebook


It features dual 5MP cameras, micro speakers, a microphone, a capacitive touchpad and a Snapdragon processor under the hood.

Credit: Facebook

Facebook View app

The photos and videos are stored in a new Facebook View app on Android and iOS. You can edit and easily share content on social media through this app.

Credit: Facebook

Capture LED light

An LED lights up whenever the camera is in use so people nearby know that you’re taking a photo or video.

Credit: Facebook

Hands-free capturing

There’s a capture button that you can use to take photos or videos or use Facebook Assistant voice commands.

Credit: Facebook


You can use the touchpad to adjust the volume or play and pause what you’re listening to.

Credit: Facebook

Camera optimisations

The cameras are optimised with HDR, low light fusion, video stabilisation and denoising. The photos and videos are also enhanced using machine-learning tone rendering.

Credit: Facebook


Facebook says the photos and videos are encrypted on the smart glasses and it won’t be used for personalised ads.

Credit: Facebook


You can get the Facebook smart glasses in 20 variations of the iconic Ray-Ban styles and in five colours with a range of lenses to choose from.

Credit: Facebook

Charging and battery

Ray-Ban Stories come in a charging case where you also store the glasses. Facebook says a full charge will give up to three days of glasses use.

Credit: Facebook

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