Rumors suggest Microsoft may launch Xbox streaming stick soon

Rumors suggest Microsoft may launch Xbox streaming stick soon
  • Microsoft might release an Xbox streaming stick and a TV app this year.
  • The device will enable users to access games and popular OTT platforms.
  • This will act as a game changer for those who can’t afford gaming consoles.
As a part of Microsoft’s Xbox Everywhere initiative, the company is rumored to be working on an Xbox streaming device similar to the Amazon Fire Stick. The device is said to enable you to access movies, TV shows and a library of games through Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

There are also rumors that Microsoft is closely working with Samsung to develop Xbox streaming app for Samsung TVs.

According to Venturebeat, we can expect to see Xbox streaming device in within a year. It’s not the first time Microsoft is being related to a stick device, first time the company was rumored to be working a streaming stick back in 2016, hinting that Microsoft will launch a streaming device for $99. Years later, CEO of Microsoft Gaming, Phil Spencer hinted that such hardware backed by a cloud-gaming service was within the company’s scope.

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A dedicated streaming stick might be of little interest to gamers but this could be a big development for the company. There number of people who want to be gamers but they can’t spend hundreds of dollars on gaming consoles. With this streaming stick, a new market of Game Pass Ultimate subscribers will be open which means more subscribers.

Microsoft rolled out a controller bar for Windows insiders
Microsoft has recently rolled out the ‘controller bar.’ With this update, once the Xbox button is pressed on the controller it will provide friendly access and preview to the recently played games.

Ways to access new controller bar features-

  • Open Microsoft Store and download the Xbox Insider Hub
  • Open Xbox Insider hub and sign-in with Microsoft account.
  • Once signed-in, navigate to ‘Previews’ and join Windows Gaming preview.
  • Reboot your PC or laptop and you are good to go.
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