How to enable JavaScript on your iPhone if it's disabled, to access most websites in a Safari browser

How to enable JavaScript on your iPhone if it's disabled, to access most websites in a Safari browser

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You'll want to enable JavaScript on your iPhone to access websites on Safari.

  • It's easy to enable JavaScript on your iPhone, although it should already be enabled.
  • JavaScript is built into the iPhone's Safari browser, but if you're having trouble displaying websites, it might be turned off on your phone.
  • To enable JavaScript on your iPhone (or verify that it's turned on), go to the Advanced page in Safari's Settings.
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JavaScript is a popular programming language used by most websites.

It's so commonly used because it allows web pages to be dynamic and interactive, able to respond to input from elements like buttons and text input. JavaScript doesn't require any plug-ins - the browser itself knows how to interpret JavaScript code.

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JavaScript is often confused with Java. The two are very different (in fact, completely different) programming languages that were developed separately and have nothing in common except part of their name.

If you aren't using JavaScript on your iPhone, it's likely that many web pages do not display properly in your phone's Safari browser. It should be turned on by default, though it's possible that at some point it was disabled, rendering many websites broken on your phone.


The good news is that you can enable JavaScript in just a few taps. It's found in the Settings app, in the Advanced tab of the Safari page.

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How to enable JavaScript on your iPhone

1. Start the Settings app.

2. Tap "Safari."

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To enable JavaScript, start the Settings app and go to Safari.

3. At the bottom of the page, tap "Advanced."


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The JavaScript control is located in the Advanced tab.

4. On the Advanced page, turn JavaScript on by swiping the button to the right.

java 3

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Make sure JavaScript is toggled on and appears green.

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