How to use Google Password Checkup tool to protect your accounts

How to use Google Password Checkup tool to protect your accounts
It is important for users to be careful about their passwords especially now that every activity including shopping and banking is performed online. A strong and a unique password is essential to ensure that your account is not compromised, and your personal data does not fall into the wrong hands.

Safer Internet Day, which was conceived by the EU SafeBorders project in 2004, is observed today. On this occasion, we will show you how you can use the Google Password Checkup tool to protect your accounts.

What is Google Password Checkup?

Google recently announced the Password Checkup extension for Chrome. This tool detects if the username and password you are using has been compromised by cross checking the details with over 4 billion credentials that have been compromised over the years.
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If the extension detects that your credentials have been compromised, it will warn you and suggest that you change the password.

Your credentials are hidden from Google


Google has mentioned that the Password Checkup tool has been designed jointly with cryptography experts at Stanford University. While the Password Checkup tool cross checks your credentials, Google cannot view your usernames and passwords.

How to use Google Password Checkup

  • Open Chrome on your desktop.
  • Now, go to the Password Checkup extension.
  • Click on ‘Add to Chrome’ and start the download.
  • Go through the extension’s permissions and then click on ‘Add Extension’.
  • The extension’s icon will appear in the toolbar.
  • Click on the icon to see how many passwords were analyzed in the last week.
Google will only inform you if it detects that your credentials have been compromised. It will not alert you if you have weak passwords or repeatedly use the same password.

If you want a tool to help you with selecting the correct passwords, you can use Chrome’s built-in passwords feature.

How to use Google Chrome to generate passwords

  • Open Google Chrome.
  • Now, click on your profile icon at the top right corner.
  • Then, click on the ‘Passwords’ icon.
  • Toggle the switch ‘Offer to save passwords’.
  • Now, when creating a new account, tap on the password field.
  • Click on ‘Use suggested password’.
The password will also be saved in Chrome and you don’t have to remember it.

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