Broken Bone Or A Broken Phone- What Would You Choose?

Cracked iPhone screenUnsplash

The use of mobile phones has increased exponentially worldwide, and across all ages. Undoubtedly, it has become the centre of utmost attention and caution.

Phobia of Broken Phone- Nomophobia

Not having a mobile phone with you all the time is a rising fear among the millennials, more importantly amongst the teenagers. Thus the term, NO MObile Phobia. Every individual has carved out a new life which begins and ends at the precious device. So much, that living without it seems impossible! One experiences anxiety and restlessness when away from the phone and most of the people feel their lives would be greatly impacted by its absence.


Analysis of the current trend

Talking about the current circumstances, it was seen in a survey that teenagers would prefer saving their phone than a small bone in their hand! This not only places mobile phones on a higher priority than the human body, but it also shows how deep an impact these devices are making on our generation. An analysis of this trend reveals that other than being expensive, the phones create a different world of social network for these individuals which makes it inseparable from their lives.

Long term consequences

Indulgence into the smartphones is surely a pleasant experience, but for how long? In the long run, it is bound to make people less social and reduce interactions with human beings. This would gradually lead to a regression in human expressions and basic emotions since everything would by then be dependent on these devices. One can then expect reduced emotional intellect which is what makes this an alarming situation.


Mobile phones are indeed a great tool for development. However, regulations are a must if you want to make the most of the benefits this wonder has to offer and use it wisely.