Here’s how you can protect your smartphone from exploding

Nov 10, 2021

By: Shadab Rabbani

Reasons for explosion

Explosions of phones can happen due to many factors that include both internal and external. Let’s take a look at them.

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Manufacturing defect

Your phone can explode if its battery malfunctions. This happens if it isn’t tested properly or there is a fault during assembly.

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Damage to the battery

If you drop your phone, the battery can get physically damaged. The back of your phone will generally swell when the battery is damaged.

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Unsupported chargers

Using third-party chargers or chargers with higher specifications can damage the internal components and the battery, which may lead to an explosion of your phone.

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Overcharging the battery

If you leave your phone for charging overnight, it can overheat the battery and damage the internal components of your phone.

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Work overload

If you multitask on your phone, be cautious as your processor may not be able to handle all the work; it can overheat and cause a blast.

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Heat from external sources

Your phone can explode if you leave your phone in the car without any ventilation or under direct sunlight as it may damage the battery and explode.

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Coming in contact with water

If your phone is not waterproof and if its battery comes in contact with water, it can burst.

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How to prevent explosion

You can prevent the explosion of your device by using the recommended charger, avoiding overcharging and not charging your phone when it is hot.

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Replace your phone

If the battery of your phone is swelled up or damaged, replace it immediately to avoid any explosions.

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