Motorola is planning to launch a smartphone with 200-megapixel camera in July

Motorola is planning to launch a smartphone with 200-megapixel camera in July
Motorola China

  • An upcoming Motorola phone will sport 200MP Samsung sensor.
  • Motorola is expected to release this smartphone with the name ‘Motorola Frontier’.
  • As per specification, it is expected to cost between $500 and $600.
Motorola has surrounded itself by a bunch of rumors including a foldable phone (RAZR 3). Now, Motorola China has teased a new 200 MP camera phone which will be launching in July. The teaser is highlighting a 200 MP camera as a ‘new benchmark for image experience.’

General manager of the cell phone business department of Lenovo Group China, Chen Jin said, “New benchmark for imaging experience beyond parameters, opening up the era of 200-megapixel mobile photography. See you in July.”

Based on earlier rumours, the phone may sport Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 Plus chipset along with Samsung’s 200 MP ISOCELL HP1 sensor with features such as optical image stabilization. Along with a 200 MP main camera, it may have a 50 MP wide-angle and 12 MP telephoto camera including a 60 MP front camera.
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As per the image shared by Motorola China, the phone sports a huge camera on its back. The upcoming smartphone has been codenamed Frontier. Also, it is rumoured to have a curved 6.67-inches of pOLED screen with a refresh rate up to 144Hz.

Frontier may have 12GB RAM and 128/ 256GB storage with a 4500 mAh battery along with 125W fast charging and 30W to 50W wireless charging.

Does a higher number of pixels make a difference in the performance? It’s a valid question that comes to mind for phones with a higher megapixel. A megapixel refers to one million pixels- small squares of information combines to form an image. Simply put, if the camera has a resolution of eight megapixels it will be able to capture images with eight million tiny squares of information per inch.

The way megapixels are shown by smartphone brands in their ads can push some people to believe that a higher number of megapixels means you get the best photos. Sometimes it may be true, but in some cases, higher megapixels do not come close to the performance of smartphones with 12-megapixel cameras- iPhones and Pixel phones are good examples of that.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra and Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max are the two phones with best camera performance. The Galaxy S22 sports 108 MP whereas Apple’s iPhone has a 12 MP camera. Taking, the performance of these two smartphones into consideration, we can say, megapixel doesn't play a major role in camera performance.

At this point, Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 108 MP phone will do the work for enthusiasts. A 200 MP phone from Motorola sounds like overkill, but it’ll definitely be worth checking out.

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