OnePlus 10R 5G will give you Day’s Power in Just 17 Minutes with its new 150W SUPERVOOC Charging

OnePlus 10R 5G will give you Day’s Power in Just 17 Minutes with its new 150W SUPERVOOC Charging
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The OnePlus 10R 5G is going to make heads spin. It’s going to carry OnePlus’ fastest charging technology that can take the phone from 0-100% in just 17 minutes. A full day’s charge in the time it takes to make your breakfast. Don’t imagine, it’s about to become a reality on April 28, with the launch of brand’s next flagship OnePlus 10R in India.

Always known for their speed, OnePlus flagships have set standards not just in performance and optimizations, but also the charging speed. Started with 65W Warp Charge the latest Endurance edition is going to take a massive leap and hit a staggering 150W SUPERVOOC charging speed, that can top up the 4500mAh battery from 0-70% in just 10 minutes, and the remaining in another 7 minutes.

OnePlus said it best. That’s a full day’s worth of content consumption topped up in half the time it takes to finish a sitcom episode. The full speed of the 150W SUPERVOOC Endurance Edition charging tech can be realized by enabling the smartphone’s Rapid Charging Mode from the battery section in the Settings app. The new charging tech is a testament to the brand’s goal of pushing the boundaries with every new iteration.

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This charging experience comes right out of the box. The OnePlus 10R will include the 160W SUPERVOOC Endurance Edition charging brick that outputs at 20V/7.5A via a USB-C to USB-C cable. The 160W charger also supports PPS and USB PD charging protocols. That means you can charge even your laptop, tablets and portable gaming consoles with the same adapter.

Now, you must be wondering if charging at such high speeds will impact the battery health. Fret not, because there are technologies in place to restrict battery degradation to 80% of its original capacity after 1600 charging cycles. Known as the Battery Health Engine, it includes two key technologies to help preserve and extend the lifespan of the battery — The Smart Battery Health Algorithm and Battery Healing Technology.


The former tracks and controls the maximum charging current and ensures it stays within a safe operating range and prevents dead lithium cells. The latter keeps repairing the electrodes continuously during charging cycles, cutting down on the damage done to the anodes and cathodes in the battery, thereby preserving the capacity.

But that’s not all! The OnePlus 10R also includes a series of charging management systems that improve the charging efficiency and keeps the heating in check. This includes a Dual Charge Pump that splits the charging in two 75W channels, reducing the heat dissipation and greatly improving efficiency.

Furthermore, the OnePlus 10R has a VFC trickle charging optimization algorithm that improves charging efficiency of the last 10% of the battery during charging. This is done by adjusting the current and voltage, enough to ensure that by the time the user is ready to unplug the phone, the battery spends less time at 100% charged status.

If that’s not all, there’s also a customized Smart Charging Chip inside the OnePlus 10R that manages the charging process, guaranteeing charging safety. There are also a total of 13 temperature sensors, three more than the previous OnePlus flagships, that work to detect charging temperatures in real-time. All this even got the OnePlus 10R the TÜV Rheinland certification for safe fast charging.

Additionally, the OnePlus 10R uses a new 128-bit encryption algorithm that recognizes official SUPERVOOC charging cables, and super-fast charging speeds are only unleashed with official cables designed to handle the speed.

The 150W SUPERVOOC Endurance Edition charging technology is coming to the Sierra Black OnePlus 10R model with 12GB RAM and 256GB storage. The other models support the new 80W SUPERVOOC charging and features a larger 5000mAh battery. The 80W SUPERVOOC charger can top up the battery from 0-100% in just 32 minutes. The lower models also include the same customized Smart Charging chip. These too will get the 80W charging brick and a USB-A to USB-C charger out of the box.

The difference in battery capacities are ironed out by a power efficient MediaTek Dimensity 8100-MAX SoC and a display that can dynamically adjust the refresh rate between 120Hz, 90Hz and 60Hz depending on the type of content being consumed. So, no matter which model you pick up, the OnePlus 10R is going to spoil you with its obscenely fast charging speeds.

The OnePlus 10R launches on April 28 in India and will be available for sale on the OnePlus online store and Click here to watch the livestream launch of OnePlus 10R that delivers exceptional performance coupled with industry leading fastest charging technology.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post in partnership with OnePlus India.