Here’s how Apple iPhones without charging ports may affect the users

Here’s how Apple iPhones without charging ports may affect the users
  • Apple could remove the last remaining port in iPhones in 2021, offering a completely wireless experience.
  • Apple investors are thrilled but the jury is still out on how energy efficient these phones will be for the users.
  • Currently, wireless chargers are more expensive, slow, and waste a lot of power in transmission.
  • However, the new launch may help Apple offset the waning demand for iPhones by moving a high-margin product line and related accessories.
Apple is likely to remove the lightning port in iPhones starting 2021, five years after Apple removed the headphone jack with the iPhone 7 in 2016.

People who own Apple shares are definitely happy as the stock hit an all-time soon after the announcement from the Tim Cook-led company.

How it will affect iPhone users

As it stands right now, wireless charging is still inefficient and slow.

iPhones have supported wireless charging for a few years now, but this feature only complements the wired charging feature. It heats up the phone itself, which takes a toll on the battery and reduces its shelf life. Therefore, very few iPhone users actually prefer wireless charging.

Wireless chargers are also expensive. A standard 15 watt wireless charger from Samsung costs ₹3,299 in India. In comparison, an adapter of the same power capacity costs only ₹1,190.

Xiaomi sells its 27W fast charger at just ₹999. OnePlus sells its super-fast 30W Warp Charge adapter at ₹1,490.

Removing the lightning port will also render all existing wired earphones useless. Although Apple removed the headphone jack in 2016, it allowed users to use an adaptor with their wired earphones.

However, as mentioned above, wired chargers waste less power than wireless ones. But hope floats that the new portless iPhones will be more efficient and user friendly than the current versions that Apple is selling.

Then why are Apple investors happy about the move?

In a nutshell, this move will allow Apple to add a high-margin product and related accessories to its portfolio. The AirPods changed the market sentiments about wireless earphones, and despite there being several similar options in the market, the AirPods have contributed significantly to Apple’s bottomline.

“It (portless phones) will benefit the shipment of the highest-end model and iPhone ASP. Among new 2H21 iPhone models, we expect that the highest-end model would cancel the [Lightning] port and provide the completely wireless experience, ” noted Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said according to a report from MacRumours.

A better version of the wireless chargers may allow Apple to sell more of its new product line at a time iPhone sales are waning around the world. The Cupertino-based company is also looking to ahead of its peers in bringing ‘completely wireless’ experience to its users.

That said, brands selling android phones have been quick to follow Apple’s suit as seen in the past— whether it was the glass design, the notch or removing the headphone jack. It is likely that portless android phones would also be available soon enough.

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