10 things in tech: Instagram algorithm, Bill Gates' affairs, Clubhouse wedding

10 things in tech: Instagram algorithm, Bill Gates' affairs, Clubhouse wedding
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1. Instagram revealed how it decides what content, like posts and stories, to show you. One of the deciding factors is how often you interact with the person who posted. Here are the other three things Instagram uses to feed you content.

2. Bill Gates' affairs were an open secret, a report says. Plus, someone in Melinda Gates' inner circle hired a private investigator before she filed for divorce. Get the latest on the pair's divorce.


3. Top VCs ranked the 46 most promising startups of 2021. We asked venture capitalists to name companies in their portfolios as well as ones where they had no financial ties - the result is our exclusive list of rising startups, which you can see here.

4. Police tricked suspected criminals into using a messaging app that was actually run by the FBI, then arrested them. The international sting operation, which used a fake encrypted messaging app, resulted in 800 arrests. Get the full rundown on the stealthy operation.

5. Jeff Bezos' trip to space is the latest development in a 15-year feud between him and Elon Musk. Bezos' announcement that he'd go to space with his brother, Mark (who you can meet here), is another addition to their simmering rivalry. We have a timeline of their feud.

6. Mark Zuckerberg posted videos of himself shooting arrows at bowling pins and throwing spears. It's unclear where the videos were taken, but the Facebook exec has been spending time in Hawaii. Watch the video here.

7. The annual Sun Valley conference, known as "summer camp for billionaires," is back on. After being cancelled in 2020 due to the pandemic, the conference is scheduled for July - and tech moguls like Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg are on the guest list. Here's what the conference is like.


8. The first-ever Clubhouse wedding took place on Sunday. It included heartwarming vows, a registry to gift a $5,000 Caribbean getaway, and snapshots of the happy couple. An Insider reporter was in attendance, and describes how the event went down.

9. We outlined tech companies' recent executive departures. Augmented-reality company Magic Leap lost three execs and Tesla lost one of its top presidents, as Google, Amazon, and Apple see numerous exits. Here are the companies' must-know moves.

10. Salaries revealed: How much Amazon Web Services and IBM pay their employees. We analyzed how much each company pays its software engineers, marketers, and business analysts. To get the details on AWS salaries, click here. For IBM salary insights, click here.

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