10 things in tech you need to know today

10 things in tech you need to know today
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1. The whistleblower behind the release of a raft of internal Facebook documents has been revealed. During an interview with 60 Minutes, ex-Facebook employee Frances Haugen said it was her intention to help the company not destroy it. Read more about her findings here.

2. Ozy Media is shutting down. After a damning report by the New York Times, which found that Ozy's COO impersonated a YouTube exec on a fundraising call with Goldman Sachs, the company announced it's ceasing operations. Meanwhile, Ozy alumni told us about internal doubts about the company.


3. Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes merch is gaining popularity. Mugs, shirts, and accessories making fun of the "girl boss" have cropped up all over the internet (some of which with slogans like "fake it 'til you make it"). Plus, here's everything you missed in the trial's fourth week.

4. Walmart has poached Instacart's chief revenue officer. After two years with Instacart, Seth Dallaire will join Walmart in a similar role. More on ​​the latest shake-up in Instacart's executive ranks.

5. Blue Origin reportedly fired an exec over allegations of inappropriate workplace behavior. The report, which says the exec was fired in 2019, comes after a group of current and former employees penned an open letter saying Jeff Bezos fostered a toxic work culture. See the email Blue Origin's CEO sent to staff addressing the allegations.

6. A luxury travel-trailer maker unveiled its latest $250,000 model that can charge EVs. Following a pandemic-fueled boom in interest, Living Vehicle has launched its latest trailer, which comes with a washer and dryer and the option to install an in-home movie theater. See inside the 2022 Living Vehicle.

7. Google faces a lawsuit over DeepMind's access to 1.6 million UK patients' records. DeepMind gained access to the data in 2015 in a deal with the Royal Free, which is deemed to have broken UK law. Now, a law firm is planning legal action. A look at what we know so far.


8. Social media algorithms are keeping healthcare professionals from dispelling anti-vaxx information. People spreading COVID-19 misinformation take advantage of engagement-driven algorithms to spread their messages - and experts say moderating the content is becoming an "impossible task." Here's why.

9. A former Facebook VP now working as a venture partner shares what he's investing in, from healthcare to sustainability. Hugo Barra, Facebook's former head of VR, has been quietly working as an investor at LatAm firm Atlantico since leaving the tech giant earlier this year. Here's what he's investing in.

10. Amazon's massive cloud ecosystem makes it hard for small firms to succeed, partners say. With AWS counting on partnerships with over 100,000 independent companies, some partners have said they're struggling to stand out from IT giants and win big deals. Take a look at what seven AWS partners told us.

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