A steam-cleaning company has gone viral for its incredibly satisfying videos showing the transformation of everyday objects

A steam-cleaning company has gone viral for its incredibly satisfying videos showing the transformation of everyday objects



The steam-cleaning company has posted dozens of satisfying videos of revitalized items.

  • Thanks to one Twitter user, cathartic video enthusiasts have uncovered a new obsession: steam-cleaning videos.
  • Producer Victoria Ho posted videos to Twitter from a steam-cleaning company's account on Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok. 
  • Videos of various items' transformation delighted viewers - and led to some online roasting. 
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Whether we're watching crayons getting crushed by a hydraulic press or subscribing to listening to gentle whispering ASMR, people are constantly turning to online videos for catharsis. Thanks to Twitter,  viewers are enjoying a new staple in satisfying content: steam cleaning videos. 

The surge of cleaning enthusiasm began last week when one Twitter user alerted her followers to the content of a steam cleaning company on Douyin (the Chinese version of TikTok). 

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"There is a steam-cleaning company on Douyin and I can't stop watching its videos," producer Victoria Ho wrote in a now-viral tweet of a teddy bear's transformation that has received over 130,000 likes. 



In the clip, the brown teddy bear turns to an unrecognizable shade of cream with just a few strokes of the steam cleaner. 

Viewers were immediately enthralled and demanded more content. 

"WHERE CAN I WATCH THESE VIDEOS? these are better for my anxiety disorder then medicine omg," one commenter wrote. "My whole soul relaxed."

Ho, eager to provide her followers with more examples of the mesmerizing work, posted several steam clean transformation videos. 



"IT'S AMAZING," she tweeted. 

Ho even defended the cleaning company's technique when one commenter accused the steam cleaning process of stripping an item of its original thread color. 


Of course, Twitter couldn't help but notice the obvious metaphor - and wasted no time in roasting public figures and concerning tanning habits. 





Ho hadn't quite anticipated this level of online attention.

"I don't check Twitter every day, and I wasn't expecting that to catch on so much," she told Insider. "I was just amazed by the videos on Douyin and wanted to share it with the small group of people I typically tweet with."

The iconic teddy bear has even made his way to online fame with a designated entry on knowyourmeme.com.


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