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Android 12 will let you control your phone with facial expressions

Aug 17, 2021, 10:13 IST
Business Insider India
The new feature has been added to the Android Accessibility Suite and it is a part of the upcoming Android 12 update.Unsplash
  • Google is adding a new accessibility feature on Android 12 that will let you control your phone with facial expressions.
  • You can set up different facial gestures like smile, open mouth, look up, look left and more.
  • These facial expressions can be set up for different tasks on your phone.
Android phones come with a set of accessibility features to help people with disabilities. Google is now working on a new accessibility feature that will let you control your phone with different facial expressions. The new feature has been added to the Android Accessibility Suite and it is a part of the upcoming Android 12 update.

The new feature called “Camera Switches” was spotted on the Android 12 beta version by XDA Developers. It’s under Switch Access which is one of the services available in the Android Accessibility Suite app. It offers tools that let users interact with their Android device without using the touchscreen. Camera Switches takes things up a notch by letting you control your Android device with just their facial expressions.

Here’s how it works

On Android 12, Google is offering different facial gestures such as open mouth, smile, raise eyebrows, look left, look right and look up. You can set up these facial gestures and assign a task for each of them. There are also options to choose the size of the gesture. For example, how big you want your smile to be so that the gesture can be recognised. Once you set up the gesture you can set an assignment for it.
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There are different actions that you can perform through Camera Switches, and these include select, next, previous, touch and hold, scroll forward and backward, home, back, notifications and more.

When the feature is enabled, your Android phone will detect when you look into the front camera and make these gestures. A persistent notification is also shown when the Camera Switches feature is active to indicate that the camera is in use. XDA Developers also found this feature working on Android 11 devices by sideloading its APK, which means Google could make it available for devices running Android 11 or below.


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