Apple introduces new HomePod with better sound and smart features for home automation

Apple introduces new HomePod with better sound and smart features for home automation
Apple’s 2nd gen HomePod wireless speakerImage credits- Apple
  • Apple has announced the 2nd gen HomePod with temperature and humidity sensors.
  • The second-gen HomePod is priced at $299, and it's available for pre-order from Apple in select countries currently.
  • Deliveries will begin from February 3, 2023.
Apple has announced a new $299 HomePod smart speaker with better sound, intelligence, and smart features. The all-new HomePod is a successor to the original HomePod which was released back in 2018. The pre-orders for HomePod have already been kicked off, with in-store availability and shipping in the U.S. and other countries.

Apple’s second generation HomePod wireless speaker is similar to the first HomePod in many ways but one of its standout features include Spatial Audio support for Apple Music. The original Apple HomePod was one of the best wireless speakers on the market, but it was discontinued in March 2021 and Apple chose to focus on the smaller and cheaper Apple HomePod Mini.

Apple’s new HomePod includes two colour options, white and black that is dubbed as ‘Midnight’ by the company. It is wrapped in a 100% recycled mesh fabric and includes support for Siri voice control and Apple’s own Spatial Audio technology for an immersive sound experience.

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The HomePod is powered by an S7 chip, which also powers the Apple Watch Series 7. The S7 chip should give a significant upgrade over the old generation HomePod, which featured an A8 chip that powered the last iPod touch as well as the iPhone 6 and iPad mini 4.

The new HomePod includes room-sensing technology to adapt the sound profile depending on its surroundings. It also comes with enhanced audio return channel, or eARC, allowing for seamless audio integration with Apple TV.

What’s new in the new HomePod


The second generation HomePod features a 4-inch woofer paired with five tweeters, down from seven in the original one. It has a total of four microphones, down from seven. However, Apple says that this won’t impact the sound quality.

Another new smart feature includes the ability to sense how the HomePod is positioned in a room. This allows the speaker to adjust the sound profile depending on whether it is placed up against a wall or on a table, for example.

Apart from this, the new HomePod also sports humidity and temperature sensors which can be used as triggers for smart home automation. Siri can also recognize six different voices and provide personalized responses.

According to Apple, the new HomePod will be able to use its built-in microphones to listen for smoke or carbon monoxide alarms and notify users via sending notifications to iPhone, iPad, or mac, thanks to a software update coming later this spring.

The sale of the 2nd gen HomePod is live now and will be first available in Canada, Australia, China, Germany, France, Japan, UK and 11 other countries and regions. Deliveries will begin from February 3, 2023.

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