iPhone users may soon start seeing more ads on their devices, report says

iPhone users may soon start seeing more ads on their devices, report says
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  • Apple is reportedly considering showing ads to iPhone users in its apps.
  • The company may soon show ads in apps like Maps, Podcasts and Books.
  • Apple may also increase the ads it shows in the App Store.
iPhones are known for their clutter-free and ad-free experience, which many people are ready to pay a premium for. However, this might change soon as Apple is reportedly planning on adding advertisements to its apps.

According to a report by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple is looking to expand its ad revenue by pushing more ads in its apps on iPhones and iPads. Apple already shows some ads in the App Store, just like Google. Developers can promote their apps on the App Store using these advertisements.

Apple may expand ads in the App Store

Apple currently shows ads in the Suggested Tab on the top with an “Ad” tag. Going forward, users may start seeing ads in the main “Today” tab and third-party apps’.

More Apple apps may get ads


Apple has already started showing ads in its News and Stocks apps. The above report suggests that Apple may also show ads in its other apps, such as Maps, Apple Podcasts, and Apple Books.

It is reported to work in a way that local businesses will be able to pay an amount to get featured in map searches, and publishers may get an opportunity to be featured more prominently by paying Apple.

The existing ads are already bringing Apple huge revenue, and the company said to increase it significantly. Apple reportedly earns around $4 billion from the ads it is currently showing, and the company wants to take the figure into double digits.

Google also shows ads in the Play Store when you search for an app, and you can also see some ads on download pages. You may also see ads occasionally when you search for a location on Maps. In a way, Apple may follow Google’s approach by pushing more ads in its apps.


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