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Apple's recent patent reveals a next-gen Force Sensor System that may bring back the 3D touch

Mar 29, 2022, 12:23 IST
Business Insider India
  • Apple patent force-pressure sensor technology which might replace the current system sometime in the future.
  • You might also see new health features in Apple Watch, as per the revealed patent.
  • Details about the next-gen Force Sensor System are yet to be confirmed by Apple.
Apple could be planning to bring Force Touch Back as new patent hints at next-generation force sensors for Apple Watch, Macbook, iPads, and iPhone. US Patent & Trademark, as reported by Patently Apple, published a series of diagrams that includes how the Force Touch technology can be used for different purposes in Apple devices.

Right now, the existing force sensors that Apple is already using take up more space, making them difficult to fit. With this new patent, Apple can make pressure-sensitive surfaces by using microelectromechanical fluid pressure sensors.

With new force sensors, the patent also indicates replacing physical buttons with pressure-sensitive side buttons in its devices.

Apple Watch with new health features and trackpad for Macbooks
Apple Watch with new health features and trackpad for MacbooksPatently Apple

The patent reveals that Apple Watch can be used for detecting blood pressure and more with the new set of force sensors. As per the pictures, a pressure sensor module in Apple Watch will be aligned over the radial artery, as a result, the sensor will be able to detect health parameters like heart rate, blood pressure, pulse transit time, pulse wave velocity, and much more.

This patent also reveals that future Macbook trackpads could also feature the new force sensor system. The patent figure shows that the module has a fluid pressure sensor which means it can detect small or gradual changes in force more precisely.


New Force Sensing System for iPhones and iPads?

Apple’s patent diagram shows a group of multiple pressure sensor modules. These group pressure sensors will help in increasing the sensing area as they are encapsulated. Apple’s new patent covers details about how this force touch technology may change the Macbooks, iPhones, and iPads.

In addition, new patent figures reveal that Force Sensing System technology combines multiple small modules together rather than using one single component. It’s being said that this should allow Apple to bring back 3D Touch technology that will cost less and can be used in multiple Apple products.

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