'Does PayPal have fees?': Yes, but not for all transactions - here's how you can avoid fees on PayPal

paypal credit card


PayPal might charge you a fee, depending on the transaction.

  • PayPal does have fees in some cases, but they're pretty easy to avoid as long as you're making basic transactions within the US.
  • Fees are usually associated with using a credit or debit card to fund payments, sending money abroad, or using PayPal as a payment processor if you're a vendor.
  • Here's what you need to know about the various fees you might encounter with your PayPal account.
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When it comes to basic transactions, like sending or receiving money between PayPal accounts within the US, the payment transfer platform is free.

But that isn't the case for every transaction. Here are the situations when you might encounter fees on PayPal.Advertisement

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