Elon Musk tweeted a bizarre "Sonic"-themed meme of Bernie Sanders after he won the New Hampshire primaries

Elon Musk tweeted a bizarre "Sonic"-themed meme of Bernie Sanders after he won the New Hampshire primaries
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Tesla CEO Elon Musk at the January 7 Gigafactory groundbreaking ceremony in Shanghai.

  • Elon Musk tweeted a meme of Bernie Sanders on Tuesday night depicting him as Doctor Eggman, the villain from the "Sonic" franchise.
  • The tweet came after Sanders
  • Musk gave his endorsement to Yang last year, saying his universal basic income policy was "obviously needed."
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Elon Musk loves his memes.

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On Tuesday night, hours after Bernie Sanders won the majority in the New Hampshire primaries making him the Democratic frontrunner, Musk tweeted a meme of the Vermont senator.

The meme is a pre-existing and popular format: a still from a Sanders video in which he says "I am once again asking for your financial support."


In Musk's version Sanders has been painted on to look like Doctor Eggman, the primary villain from the "Sonic" video-game franchise. Instead of "financial aid" the Sanders-Eggman hybrid is asking for "chaos emeralds" - magical objects typically coveted by Doctor Eggman.

Musk's meme itself doesn't say much about his attitude to Sanders, but it also coincided with Musk's chosen Democratic candidate dropping out of the race. Andrew Yang withdrew his candidacy on Tuesday after a disappointing result in New Hampshire. Musk gave his endorsement to Yang in August last year, throwing his support behind Yang's universal basic income policy which promised to give $1,000 per month to every US citizen. Musk said the policy was "obviously needed."

Musk wasn't the only big tech CEO to support. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey tweeted his disappointment at Yang dropping out of the race on Tuesday.

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