Elon Musk wants more data from Twitter

Elon Musk wants more data from Twitter
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Wake up, it's time for tech! I'm Jordan Parker Erb, here to fill you in on Elon Musk's latest request for more data from Twitter, and hacks that will help you get the most out of your iPhone.


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1. Twitter is giving Elon Musk more user data. Even after receiving a "firehose" of data from the company, Musk still wasn't satisfied: Insider has learned his lawyers sent another letter to Twitter last week, claiming what had been shared was insufficient.


  • In response, Twitter this week agreed to give Musk even more information, this time including real-time API data, according to a person familiar with the situation.
  • Musk has been obsessed with the number of bots on Twitter, saying their prevalence is "probably my biggest concern" given their potential impact on monetizable user metrics.
  • Insiders see the new data as a sign Musk may try to renegotiate the deal price soon, arguing Twitter's value has changed with new information.

Everything we know about Musk's latest request for data.

In other news:

Elon Musk wants more data from Twitter
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2. The "sentient" AI hired a lawyer. The Google engineer who was suspended for saying the AI was conscious, told Wired that it has hired an attorney. Here's the latest on LaMDA's alleged cognizance.

3. A leaked email shows Bolt is offering to buy back shares from laid-off employees who took out loans to get stock options early. After layoffs left some employees on the hook for tens of thousands of dollars, the company is offering new repayment options, which are due in less than 90 days. Read the leaked email here.


4. Netflix has confirmed another round of layoffs. The news follows layoffs in April and May. This time, about 300 roles will be cut from the streaming giant, Variety first reported. What we know so far.

5. Drivers for Uber and Lyft say their earnings have shrunk considerably. Even as gas prices rise, data shows drivers' earnings have stayed mostly flat across both rideshare and delivery. Here, drivers dish on dwindling profits.

6. Yelp is going fully remote. In a blog post, Yelp's CEO announced the company would be closing its offices in New York City, Chicago, and DC. More on the decision he said is "best for our employees."

7. See how much you could get paid at Amazon. We compiled base pay rates for thousands of Amazon employees to see how much engineers, managers, and others can earn at the cloud and commerce giant. Take a look at what Amazon pays.

8. "Pharma Bro" Martin Shkreli has launched a newsletter. Fresh out of federal prison, Shkreli has just launched his tech and investing newsletter, with the first edition filled with book reviews and predictions, including whether he would be un-banned from Twitter. Get the rundown on "Martin's Newsletter."


Odds and ends:

Elon Musk wants more data from Twitter
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9. If you have an iPhone, you should know these hacks. We compiled tips and tricks — like automatically closing old Safari tabs or customizing notifications for your favorite contacts — so you can get the most out of your iPhone. Here are 11 useful iPhone hacks.

10. Review: Four reasons the Chevrolet Bolt is a good buy, and three ways it falls short. Insider's transportation reporter tested out the Bolt, one of the cheapest electric SUVs on the market. Even though it doesn't charge as quickly as rivals, it's still a great option for commuters and small families, he writes. Read his full review.

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