Facebook Messenger gets a new update that let you send silent replies and GIFs

Facebook Messenger gets a new update that let you send silent replies and GIFs
  • Facebook Messenger has been updated with a new feature called Shortcuts.
  • Thanks to this feature, users will also be able to send ASCII emoticons and GIFs.
  • Shortcuts feature within the Messenger app allows users to send commands quickly and easily.
Facebook Messenger is all set to get a new feature called Shortcuts, allowing users on Android and iOS to issue commands in chats to notify everyone in a group and to send a silent message, among other things. Yow can also send ASCII emoticons and GIFs on Facebook Messenger.

The Meta-owned messaging service revealed that using the Shortcuts feature, users can type @everyone and the /silent command to send the message without any notification. Moreover, this is a Slack-like shortcuts feature in Facebook Messenger. This new command can be also used to seek the attention of a group member or reminder for an old message.

One of the Shortcuts features includes the /silent command that lets a user send a message on Messenger without notifying the recipient. This can be useful when the receiver is busy or in a meeting, so they don’t have to worry about notifications disturbing them.

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Meta is also working on the ability to search and send GIFs to groups and users on Messenger by using the /gif command.

These new Shortcuts features will be available for Facebook Messenger users on iOS and Android right away.


Some examples of these shortcuts along with what they mean/do

  • @everyone will let you notify everyone in a group chat
  • /silent will let you send a message without pinging the whole group
Some other handful shortcuts likely to be available by May 2022

  • /pay will let you send or request money (on iOS and Android in the US)
  • /gif and a topic will serve up potential GIFs to send in a chat (on iOS)
  • /shrug will drop the ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ emoticon (on iOS)
  • /tableflip will bring up the (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ emoticon (on iOS)
Earlier this year, Facebook Messenger announced an update that allows users to use Secret Conversations mode. It uses end-to-end encryption for messaging. In addition, the update also introduced emoji reactions, screenshot alerts, and vanish mode.

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