From Focus mode to Walking directions — here are some key features expected to debut with iOS 15

From Focus mode to Walking directions — here are some key features expected to debut with iOS 15
  • iOS 15 is expected to release alongside the iPhone 13 during the California Streaming event on September 14.
  • iOS 15 will bring in new features for users to explore.
  • One of the new features is the Focus mode that lets users silence notifications while performing a particular activity.
With the iPhone 13 set for launch next week at the California Streaming Event on September 14, the Tips app notifications have revealed some of the new features that the iOS 15 is likely to offer which is slated to be announced alongside the new iPhones. The iPhone 13-series is expected to feature iOS 15 out of the box and the operating system will be compatible with iPhone 6s or newer.

The iOS features can be seen in the ‘Collections’ section of the Tips app. From focus mode to notification summary, let’s have a look at what the new OS offers.

Here are the new iOS 15 features.

Focus mode

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A new Focus mode is added to the Control Center that will let you customize which notification you wish to silence or see while you’re involved in various activities such as work, sleep or exercise. This will let you filter out unwanted notifications and let you focus on the ongoing activity.

Notification summary

The non-urgent notifications will be grouped together and shared at a convenient time. This will be done by analysing the user’s interaction with apps. The notifications will be grouped together in terms of priority. The urgent messages will still be delivered in time.

Shared with you

All the content you receive in the Messages app will be highlighted in the corresponding app under “Shared with you”. The feature will be available in Photos, Safari, Apple News, Apple Music, Apple Podcasts, and the Apple TV app. Users can pin the content they wish to see on top at a later date.

Walking Directions

This feature will use augmented reality to share the best walking directions. Users just have to hold their iPhone’s camera that will scan the surroundings. The Maps app will then deliver the best walking directions using the camera. The feature can be used in some cities and it will be a useful tool for users who walk often.

Tab Group

The Safari browser will be redesigned as the controls will now be available at the bottom. It will feature “Tab Group” that allows users to save their tabs in a customisable group folder. It will get synced with other Apple devices for future use.


Noise Isolation

The Noise Isolation feature will help improve the call quality by reducing the background noise. FaceTime will also allow users to blur out backgrounds in portrait mode.

There are plenty of other features including these that will accompany the iOS 15. We will get to know more when it launches along with the iPhone 13 during the September 14 event.

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