Now get your Android queries answered by Google on Twitter

Now get your Android queries answered by Google on Twitter
  • Android users can now get assistance with several issues ranging from general troubleshooting to security.
  • Google says that its @android team will respond to user queries posted using the hashtag.
  • However, the @android team has not responded yet to any of the queries.
Find yourself running into Android issues, only to end up searching for a solution on the internet for hours? Now, you could just use Twitter to find the solution. Google announced #AndroidHelp hashtag on Twitter. Users who have issues with their Android smartphone can use this hashtag to seek help directly from Google.

Making the announcement, Google said that using #AndroidHelp, users can get assistance with:

  • General troubleshooting
  • Identity and Authentication
  • Accessibility
  • Security
  • Other Android features
Google says that responses to #AndroidHelp queries will come from the official @android team on Twitter.

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It is quite likely that Google could be overwhelmed by the number of users seeking assistance using the hashtag. To overcome this, it could use a standard set of responses and artificial intelligence tools to address queries.

Crowdsourcing Android support?

Using the #AndroidHelp hashtag also helps Google crowdsource Android support. Users who have been posting their queries using the hashtag have received responses from other users, with many of them offering solutions to the problems.

Using a hashtag also creates a repository of issues and solutions. So, for example, if a user has any issue with their Android smartphone, they could simply search for the problem on Twitter. If someone else has posted a similar issue, they could then use the solution that worked for the original poster.

Essentially, Google is using Twitter as an official support channel for Android users. When a user searches for a solution to their Android issue, these Twitter posts could help out those users.

Google has not responded yet to any of the Android issues posted using the #AndroidHelp hashtag. Many of the queries are regarding Android updates though, which is something that Google cannot comment on as these are to the phone companies.

It will be interesting to see if Google uses this hashtag to help train its AI models for Android support.

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