Google Assistant devices with screens are set to get a feature that lets you give commands without saying ‘OK Google’

Google Assistant devices with screens are set to get a feature that lets you give commands without saying ‘OK Google’
  • Google is coming up with new upgrades for Google Assistant.
  • The features might help in making conversations more natural.
  • The company is bringing a new way to communicate with a device.
Search giant Google is coming up with new features for Assistant that will allow the users to simply look at the screen and talk. Every month, over 700 million people around the world get everyday tasks done with Google Assistant, said in a blog post. To make the voice command experience more natural, the users will be able to give commands without the need of saying "Hey Google '' before the command.

The search giant introduced ‘Look and Talk’, a feature that allows its users to simply look at the screen and ask questions or give commands. This feature will only get activated after you choose both Face Match and Voice Match recognition from the device. For instance, if you want to ask your Google Assistant to tell you the steps for making a dish, you simply have to look at the Nest Hub Max and give the command. This feature has been rolled out in the US on the Nest Hub Max. It works on 6 machine learning models to process signals from the camera and microphone.

Apart from the Look and Talk feature, Google is working towards making conversations between users and Google Assistant more natural. It is working on new, more powerful speech and language models that can understand the nuances of human speech. This upgrade might help the users to give commands or ask questions in a more realistic manner just like how we interact with a person.

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Earlier Google has introduced Real Tone which refines the camera and imagery products for people with different skin tones and helps in making the skin tones appear more natural. The Look and Talk feature utilises it to work more effectively for people of different skin tones. The company says that it will continue to take this work forward and improve skin tone evaluation in machine learning using Monk Skin Tone Scale.


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