Google Earth View Images: Interesting Facts on How They are Captured

  • Google Earth View Images are among the most eagerly sought after wallpapers for millions around the globe.

  • Sporting bright colours, sharp images, and high resolutions up to 4K, Google Earth View Images are optimized for the contemporary screens.

  • How Google captures earth view images is an interesting story you must not miss out.
Google’s Earth View Images have inspired us to appreciate the most fantastic views of the earth from space. They allow us to admire the planet that is home to all of us. Google Earth View is one of the most popular projects of Google and the story of how these incredible images are captured and produced is an interesting story.

The making of Google Earth View Images

Gopal Shah, the Product Manager of Google Earth says this is his passion project. Google Team is working on this project in collaboration with the Ubilabs in Germany.


In producing the collection of the photographs for the Google Earth View, Patrick Mast, Project Manager, Ubilabs says, they do not follow a strict code as it is not like any other product. The producers of these images just want people to use them and be inspired by them.

Patrick Mast says, it all started in a simple way as a collection of photos for websites and then they built a very popular chrome extension and eventually the Google Earth View Images became the background of a number of phones. Today, these pictures are zealously downloaded by millions of users around the world.

The makers enlarge the satellite view of the chosen spots, create the desired frame and significantly enhance the image quality, colours and resolutions on the latest technology available thus producing amazing earth view photographs.


Google Earth View Image Gallery Is Swelling

Recently, Google has added more than 1,000 images to the gallery taking up the total number of images available on the gallery to more than 2,500. The different types of images on this platform provide a huge collection of satellite, aerial, 3D and street views of the earth images in addition to historical images. On top of it, the best shots are edited, improvised and added to the gallery for a variety of uses.

How to use Google Earth View Images


If you are passionate about using Google Earth View Images on your devices, you just need to download the selected images over by visiting the Google Earth View Gallery. Alternatively, you can also install the Earth View Chrome Extension for viewing a new picture every time you click to open a new tab. With the help of a new colour map, you can also sort the images to find the pictures that will appeal to you.

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