Google for India goes heavy on AI — From reading handwritten prescriptions to enhancing agricultural capabilities, here’s all you need to know

Google for India goes heavy on AI — From reading handwritten prescriptions to enhancing agricultural capabilities, here’s all you need to know
  • New AI will decode doctor's handwritten prescriptions for you.
  • Google is also bringing project Relate to India for people with non-standard speech patterns.
  • Below, check out the top highlights of the ‘Google for India’ event.
California-based technology giant Google has announced a slew of new features at its ‘Google for India 2022’ event on Dec 19, 2022.

The company is bringing new safety features to Google-pay, a digital payment app, and integration for the Google Files app with the government’s Digilocker service. At the event, Google also emphasized the increased use of artificial intelligence across different platforms.

Google also revealed its new AI to decipher doctors' handwritten prescriptions and a new multi-search feature allowing users to take screenshots and add text to queries. Meanwhile, the search giant also bought the ‘Search in Video’ feature, which will add the option to search within the videos.

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The ‘Google for India’ event witnessed the presence of its CEO Sundar Pichai and Ashwini Vaishnav, the Minister of Railways, Communications, and Electronics & Information Technology.

Business Insider India brings you all the big announcements Google made at the ‘Google for India’ event yesterday.

Bringing internet in native languages


According to Google, Indian internet users can now read webpages in their native language. To make this work, Google has collaborated with the Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru, and worked on open-source speech data to bring bilingual search results.

Moreover, Google has planned to build a unified model capable of handling more than 100 native languages of India.

Improved visual search

Google announced that they would make visual search more natural so that users can search simultaneously with text and images. The multi-search will be available in different languages from next year.

Improved speech recognition for 'Hinglish' language

Google is bringing an improved speech recognition model for the Hinglish language, a blend of English and Hindi language. The improved speech recognition model will be capable of understanding accents and the person's speaking style.

New security features in Google Pay

Now, Google Pay will be showing more warnings and security alerts for suspicious transactions. Google Pay will use deep learning-based advanced algorithms to detect fraud behavior. Apart from this, Google Pay also gets transaction search via voice feature.

Project Relate

Google is bringing project Relate to India. Project Relate is an app that helps people with non-standard speech patterns. With Project Relate, Google wants its Assistant to be more accessible in India.

AI in agriculture

Google has announced using remote sensing capabilities to give an overview of agriculture capabilities in India. According to Google, it will help farmers with agriculture solutions at the ground level.

Health information on Youtube in the native language

In partnership with Manipal Hospitals, Narayana Health, Medanta, and more, Google will be offering content in multi-languages such as Tamil, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, and more. Google will also provide tools to their health partners to develop content in their native language.

AI in health

Using AI and machine learning technology, Google will help people identify medicine in handwritten prescriptions. Google is also working with Apollo on a project using AI to check an x-ray for tuberculosis.

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