Google launches SOS alert to assist timely support in Assam flood - here’s how it works

Google launches SOS alert to assist timely support in Assam flood - here’s how it works
  • Assam floods have affected 22 districts in the state.
  • With the launch of the SOS alert, Google Search is showing relevant information on the flood situation in Assam.
  • Google Maps are also highlighting flood-affected areas in Assam.
Tech giant Google on Tuesday has launched a combination of Crisis Response efforts (SOS alert) to help communities and people affected by floods in Assam and some parts of North-East India including Bangladesh.
With the launch of SOS alert users close to affected areas can look at emergency phone numbers, websites and maps directly via Google Search. SOS alert also highlights the affected areas to assist rescue teams and people who want to give aid to affected people.

Google’s crisis alerts for Assam floods

Google SOS alert system for Assam brings combine updates from authoritative local and national sources to the top of search results.
If you are close to the flood-affected areas, then Google search will bring up emergency phone numbers, maps and websites. Even, if you are outside the flood-affected area in Assan, the search will show an SOS alert along with a timely update on the situation.
The SOS notifications include real-time flood forecasting, ongoing updates from emergency response organizations along with interactive maps.
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Back in 2017, Google introduced the SOS alert as an integrated feature within its Maps and Search to give real-time updates. Since its launch, the SOS alert has been activated in different causes of natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods.
To assist in natural and man-made disasters Google has established It is the charitable arm of Google that has received a donation of $500,000 to the ‘Center for Disaster Philanthropy’ to provide emergency support in the affected areas around the globe. The efforts include restoring household food security through direct cash assistance, dry ration and distribution of hygiene kits.


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