Google Photos launches specialised ‘Real Tone’ filters which work well across all skin shades

Google Photos launches specialised ‘Real Tone’ filters which work well across all skin shades
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Tech giant Google has added new filters in Google Photos that will help users show their skin in its true shade.

According to 9To5Google, with the Pixel 6 series, the tech giant worked to adjust the phone's camera to more accurately capture the wide variety of human skin tones, so that people can see their true selves in photographs.

At Google I/O, the company released the Monk Skin Tone Scale, an open-source library to help make machine learning of images more inclusive by better interpreting tones and shades.

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At the time, the company announced that the Monk Scale would soon be put to use within the Google Photos app to offer specialised filters that tweak the skin tones of people in photos users have previously taken.

As shared on Twitter, these new Real Tone filters are rolling out now to Google Photos users on Android, iOS, and the web.


Once the feature is live, users should have a suite of new options in the "Filters" tab of the Google Photos editor, with choices like Playa, Isla, Honey, and Desert.

According to Google, the filters were specially designed to "work well across skin tones".

If the filter users have selected is one of the new ones, they should see an overlaid mention of "Made with Real Tone". Each filter should also have adjustments users can make, to deeply refine any given picture.

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