Google says it has fixed an issue that caused Gmail to go down for more than 2,000 users

Google says it has fixed an issue that caused Gmail to go down for more than 2,000 users

  • Google's Gmail service was down for more than 2,000 users on Wednesday morning, according to the website Down Detector.
  • Most of the outages appears to have occurred in the United States in the East Coast area, according to Down Detector's outage map.
  • Google's status website acknowledged the disruption, and said it had fixed the problem late Wednesday morning.
  • The disruption comes after Google services like Gmail and YouTube went down in late March.
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Google's Gmail email service experienced issues Wednesday, according to Google and the website Down Detector, which tracks the status of popular websites.

As of roughly 10:30 a.m. ET on April 8, Down Detector had received more than 2,000 reports from users who had experienced problems with the email provider. Google updated its G Suite Dashboard soon after to indicate that Gmail is experiencing a service disruption.

According to Down Detector's live outage map, it appeared most of the outages occurred on the east coast in the United States. Some outages also appear to have been reported in the United Kingdom, Italy, France, and Spain. Many of the reports involved users experiencing issues receiving messages, while a smaller portion had trouble logging in.


Google did not immediately respond to Business Insider's request for comment.

At 11:58 a.m. Eastern, about an hour after Google acknowledged the service issues, Google said on its status page that it had fixed the problem with Gmail.

The company's cloud infrastructure also experienced issues, according to the company's dashboard. Those problems appeared to have been fixed at the same time as Gmail's, according to the dashboard.

This latest disruption comes after Google services like YouTube and Gmail were down for thousands of users at the end of March. Google attributed that outage to a router failure in Atlanta.

Apps like Snapchat and Pinterest also appeared to experience issues, according to Down Detector.


Reports of Gmail outages appeared on Twitter on Wednesday, with some users questioning why their Gmail accounts weren't working.

The last time Google's services went down, the issues were also fixed roughly an hour later. 

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