Google's YouTube Music for Wear OS to now let users stream content over Wi-Fi and LTE

Google's YouTube Music for Wear OS to now let users stream content over Wi-Fi and LTE
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Tech giant Google has announced that its music streaming app YouTube Music for Wear OS can now let users stream content over Wi-Fi and LTE.

The company said that starting this week users will be able to stream music over LTE or WiFi, so they can listen to their favourite playlists wherever they go, even when their phone is not nearby.

Second, users can now add a new YouTube Music tile to their watch that allows quick access to a recently played playlist or the browse page of the YouTube Music app.

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"As a YouTube Music Premium subscriber, you will have access to more than 80 million songs and thousands of playlists on your YouTube Music app," the company said in a blogpost.

This standalone app is said to be the first smartwatch app from YouTube Music that allows YouTube Music Premium subscribers to download and stream music for ad-free listening, even without their phones nearby.


The app also comes with the Smart Downloads feature, which refreshes the songs users have downloaded to their watch whenever it is connected to WiFi.

The app will even offer tailored playlists based on your listening history, so users can choose the perfect soundtrack for whatever they are doing.

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